Hello again. Some 12 years after I started, it’s high time I got a personal site up and running again.

Digging through my old files, I was amused to see the home page message that first appeared on Steph Online, back in 1996:

As there is so much, ahem, rubbish on the Net, here I try to add as little as possible of my own. What’s here should be vaguely useful to someone, somewhere.

This time around, I’ll do my best.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a meeting discussing how to advance the digital communications community in government. I was inspired to resurrect the personal site by Simon Berry‘s suggestion there that we needed to become a community of self-publishers, sharing our work and experiences (where we can) through our own channels, in the spirit of the web.

Over the coming weeks, I’d like to use this space to share some of the techniques and resources I’ve been working on both at DIUS and elsewhere. I’d like to experience properly the challenges and opportunities of blogging as a civil servant and a private citizen, as a web developer, and imminently, as a new dad.

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