Our office partners, Claremont, have a new motto: Do the right thing right. It’s annoying, because it’s probably what I’d choose if I were choosing a motto for what we do. More than kudos, more than money, more than publicity, the sense of craft in building a really good website or delivering some really useful training for the good guys is what I enjoy, I’m coming to realise.

So briefly – because I should really be doing something else – I’m bursting with pride at the craftsmanship that the team have put into our largest website redevelopment project to date which has just gone live.

Grantham theme

Our work for the Committee on Climate Change brought us to the attention of the LSE’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, and we’ve been working with the team there since January, following a competitive pitch. It’s a big site, but absolutely the kind of thing we do well: cross-referencing news stories and publications, bringing out the quality of the Institute’s people with rich, live profiles, search that really works, and hopefully saving the team hundreds of publishing hours each year through the magic of WordPress implemented properly.

It’s our best-looking site (on a range of devices) thanks to Anthony, and one of our cleverest thanks to Luke, and has faithfully copied across hundreds of documents and stories thanks to our team of content wizards. We’ve kept in close touch as a project team, and tested extensively with users throughout the process, from card sorting which helped the team make radical decisions on information architecture, through rounds of accompanied browsing, to online Chalkmark tests.

Here’s to the team, who’ve put their talents to good use, and done the right thing right.



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