Steph at #emtech11I don’t get out as much as I used to. Well, I do, but I don’t do quite as much speaking about digital engagement and how the public sector can use the social web as I used to.

So it was great to be invited to Edinburgh last month to give the keynote (my first and last, I suspect) at the IRISS Emerging Technologies conference supported by the Scottish Social Service Council at Heriott Watt University. There was a great audience of enthusiastic IT and learning & development people, really interested in how these tools could be used well and safely in their organisations, and in the current climate of austerity.

It wasn’t your normal unconference affair, which means the lovely folk of IRISS have podcasted my talk and I’ve been able to sync it up to my slides as a proper slidecast.

It’s not exactly Martin Luther King, but it’s as good a synthesis of what I think about digital engagement and government right now as any¬† I’ve been able to string together – from Egypt to SharePoint, ColaLife to risk management in half an hour (and will probably save you the ticket price of any future events I speak at).

So, get yourself a cuppa, put your headphones on, and enjoy:

Emerging Technologies 2011: Keynote presentation from Steph Gray

Photo credit: Juliebee

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