You’ve organised or participated in a great event about how technology is changing the shape of X, Y or Z. The audience were tweeting away, and an expectant crowd outside the room were following the #coolevent hashtag avidly.

You take the weekend off to recover and decide to come back to Twitter search on Monday morning to review the backchannel and post-event feedback, only to find that Twitter has wiped them from its public search, which can now last only a day or two. Gah!


A while ago, Dave Briggs put a call out for help to store the tweets around an event he was covering. I knocked together a very simple front-end to the Twitter Search API, which built a simple HTML table for any specified hashtag, which you could cut and paste into a spreadsheet and save for posterity, or make clever charts or Wordles from.

It got a surprising amount of traffic on Dave’s server, so we’ve revamped it a bit and given it a proper home:

Now it’s easier to download the ready-made CSV file, see what others have been searching for, and share your archived tweets with the world via a long-term permalink. All you need to do is remember to do a quick search at the end of the event and the tagged tweets will be saved for you.

Even better, if you find it useful, there’s a little tipjar and some lovely Google ads on the site so you can show your support and keep us in beer (and web domains).


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