So, it’s official – the General Election has been called for 6 May.

Westminster bridge & parliament

As previously pledged and in the spirit of the Cabinet Office guidance, I’m intending not to post anything new here, on Twitter, or reply to comments here or public Twitter replies until the new Government is announced. Goodness knows how I’ll use the free time.

Since I wrote that – and in a bit of characteristic bad timing – I’ve also made the decision to leave BIS shortly after the election. Thanks to everyone who’s sent me their good wishes – and yes, I do very much hope to continue blathering on here about much the same stuff wherever I end up.

I’m still not sure where this leap in the dark will take me, so if you want to get in touch in the meantime about anything – and especially future collaborations, contracts or jobs – you can contact me via this blog, DM me on Twitter, or contact me via LinkedIn.


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Two things:

1. There is a blurry line too for those who are not civil servants but work for government, like me.

2. I chose to go silent on my blog and Twitter stream mainly because I had put so much practical work off ‘until purdah’ that I actually don’t have time to even worry about writing a blog post, let alone do the damn thing. Also because I am gutless, really. I do tend to write about my work on the blog, each post has to be cleared by press office, and I don’t really want to write about anything else!

There is also the nature of departments to consider, some will be more sensitive than others; indeed some managers will be more sensitive.

The guidance absolutely does not demand digital silence from the public sector in a personal capacity, although it was hotly debated, but I think Steph is right: it’s safer.

I am still pretty active on Facebook behind the privacy settings, as are quite a few if my blogging/tweeting now silent colleagues, where I am more thoughtful of what I post – mainly because my Mum and daughter are watching! – I am not tweeting but I still read Twitter as much as I did before and with my blog? Well, I don’t feel guilty about not updating it for four weeks!

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There shouldn’t be any blurry lines as the guidance states: . This principle also applies to non-civil servants working in Departments

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I don’t think Emma is in any doubt of that: the blurry line is the one which applies to all of us, between different personas and roles and between what is said through more official channels and what is said through less official channels. Care and caution are clearly right and necessary; what that means in practice is still a slightly grey area.

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