In the words of Directgov:

A public appointment is an appointment to the board of a public body or to a government committee. Around 18,500 men and women hold a public appointment.

The public bodies involved are quite important, including health trusts, museum boards and regulators, some demanding specialist skills in law or social work, but many requiring general common sense and broad experience. So it’s important that the people who fill these posts are of the right calibre and reflect the diversity of our society.

The Cabinet Office has recently revamped its Public Appointments system, and you can now sign up to sophisticated email alerts about public appointments vacancies you might be interested in. As a publisher of vacancies, the central system also has an excellent API, enabling you to extract data feeds from the vacancy database to republish on your own site. There’s even some RDFa in the output should you wish to use that to mark-up the vacancy descriptions.

I’ve just created and added a dead simple RSS feed for the BIS-related public appointments to our homepage. But anyone can grab the code and set it up to generate their own feed, or indeed re-publish the vacancy data far and wide in any format compliant with its licence, in order to help spread the word about the interesting and varied positions available.

Hurrah for open data and APIs, and above all, hurrah to the Cabinet Office for building one in this case. Thanks chaps.

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