Just a quick one to flag for readers who get my stuff by RSS that I’ve got a parallel tumblog alongside this main blog, which I use to post up quick reviews of tools that I like for web work. I’ve called it A Load Of Cobblers, to celebrate the spirit and practice of cobbled-together webbery, made from many individual pieces.

I’ve just posted a few new bits and pieces on there:

  • Feed2JS: a simple Javascript-based way to show an RSS feed on a site
  • Page Saver: a Firefox plugin to take a screenshot of the whole page, not just the visible portion
  • 7 favourite digital engagement tools: from my presentation at ConnectedGeneration back in September

There’s also stuff about the email newsletter software Campaign Monitor, Flash video players and how to get a feed of comments on your Flickr photos.

Coming up in the near future are likely to be snippets on Google Analytics’ API and the GAPI PHP library, the uptime service Pingdom, and Flickr open-source-licensed search tool, Compfight.

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