I’m Steph (funny name, half French, hence being lesteph on social media).

I’ve worked in communications for 20 years, from market research to digital agencies. I’ve been a usability researcher, digital project manager, unconventional civil servant, and a business founder; a doer, a manager and a leader. You can read my work story here.

These days, I work part time to fit around family, voluntary work and other interests, and my paid work is a mix of digital consultancy, development and coaching. There’s more about that side of things on Pentri.com, my consultancy site.

Before scaling back to freelance work again, I spent a decade growing Helpful Digital, a digital build and skills agency focussed on the government and policy sectors. Alongside that, I founded and shaped Social Simulator, a product-based business in the field of crisis management training, which works with major companies, charities and government agencies around the world.

It’s fair to say my blog was instrumental in launching the business, so inspired by some friends who’ve revived theirs, I’ve recently moved it here and hope to use it a bit more.

I’ve travelled the journey from freelancer through to a successful exit, two different ways. I’m passionate about running and growing a business with soul and compassion alongside commercial success.

How could I help you?

I enjoy the practical side of digital. I’ve been helping a variety of teams to sort out their websites recently, and I’m good with website strategy, user research, WordPress implementation, hosting, accessibility, and all-round website management things. I actively enjoy troubleshooting and crafting a website that works well.

I’m interested in coaching and mentoring. I’ve worked in and with lots of different types of organisations, and found myself in lots of challenging and interesting career and business situations. If you’d like a sounding board or troubleshooter, or someone to check in with as you think about your business processes, your team or your own career, I might be able to help.

I’m learning how to be a useful non-executive advisor to teams where my experience or perspective can be useful. I’ve been up close to running an agency, thinking about pricing, marketing, public sector procurement, small business set-up and management, IT, digital product development and more. Now I’m a trustee of a local community centre and a science education enterprise. I try and be open minded and considered, and not make assumptions that your situation will be the same as mine. If having a white man on your board or project won’t harm your organisation’s diversity and inclusiveness, then I’d love to have a conversation.

I have a few causes I’d like to support with my time or skills. I’d like to help make older people more resilient to scams and misinformation online. I’d like to support organisations helping refugees and asylum seekers. I’m learning more about sustainability and want to find ways to help reduce waste, change behaviour and make practical improvements. Do you know of organisations doing those things I might be able to help?


If you have something you’d like discuss with me, please drop me a line.